Lexmoore Global Logistic Services offers to its clients a comprehensive range of International Freight Services backed by a global logistics network, wide expertise and resources to support shipping requirements across the world. Read more about

We provide customized, scaleable services to cater to the needs of the highly unpredictable market conditions of modern times. From complex supply chain solutions to door-to-door freight forwarding movements, infinity has the wherewithal to fulfill its client’s needs.

Our operations are backed by team of professionals having extensive knowledge and experience in global logistics. This enables us to handle shipments through air, sea and road efficiently. Our business affiliations worldwide ensure prompt Freight forwarding services as desired by the customers.


Lexmoore Global Logistic Services offers a variety of services and specialized expertise in transporting cargo of various sizes and volume around the world enabling just-in-time delivery. An extensive global network of service providers and partners ensures your transportation and logistics needs are met on time – securely and cost-effectively.




The basic goal is to maintain good relations with our clients by meeting all their specific requirements and to provide them with satisfactory service. We realize when certain issue that do no meet company’s specific standards of quality and identify the cause of problems and rectify them.

As we are conscious of all the latest equipments, we have all the facilities to assist with loading, unloading and positioning of weight cargo safely. Along with these efficient equipments, we make constant effort to keep up our quality of service with reasonable prices. We value our Customers and place them at the forefront of our decision making process, and we will seek to understand the Customer’s needs and conclude all enquiries to the Customer’s satisfaction.

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